The Guild


                                 ABBEY CHURCH GUILD
SYLLABUS  2017 - 2018 
AIM: To unite and encourage us to commit our lives to Christ
        and to enable us to express our faith in Worship, Prayer and Action.
                                    THEME - Go in Love
                                 TOPIC- Loving when it is difficult to love

Office Bearers

Guild contact - Linda Scott

Co-ordinators - Irene Brodie and Eleanor Main

Treasurer - Liz Harrison

Syllabus Secretary - Irene Brodie

Minutes Secretary - Eleanor Main


     May Cochrane  Mary Dow

Unless otherwise  stated, meetings will be held in
Abbey Church Hall on TUESDAYS

September  2nd 


Streaming from Dundee (Annual Gathering)
10am - 3pm

Joint meeting in Abbey Sanctuary
January 9th

Volunteering with RNLI   1.30pm
Ian McMinn and colleague

(preceded by fish and chip lunch)



Guild Dedication (Abbey Morning Service) 23rd

***Fellowship afternoon***



  10th Introduction to new theme - 'Go in Love' - 7.30pm
Rev. Dr. David Graham 
February 4th Abbey & Fidra Care Home Services 3.00pm

My journey with God and the Railwayman 2.30pm

Charmaine McMeekan
Joint meeing in St Andrew Blackadder

6th  Prospects - All friends together 2.30pm
(Guild Project) Joint meeting in Abbey

Deafness in Children and Adults 2.30pm

Pat Coxhead


Christian Police Association  7.30pm
Neil Bain


November 14th 150 years of Scripture Union  7.30pm
Hazel Gray
March  2nd World Day of Prayer 3.00pm
St Andrew Blackadder Church
24th Guild Week Fundraiser (Friday) 7.00pm
 Floral Art by Lilias Hoskins
Open meeting in Abbey.

Haiti-Mission International (Guild Project)

Joint meeting in St. Andrew Blackadder     2.30pm


Five Years in Nepal   2.30pm

                        Marianne Karsgaard (nee Bee)                     Joint meeting in Abbey

20th AGM and Entertainment 7.30pm
December 12th

Christmas Lunch (Mallard Hotel, Gullane)

12.30 for 1pm


Christmas Carol Service       2.30pm

with 'North Berwick Sings' Choir



Presbyterial Council Meetings
  2017   2018
  Sep 18      (Monday)

          Joint Communion                   Gullane Parish Church,                        East Lothian               7.30pm

 Mar 15      (Thursday)

        Spring Rally & AGM                 Haddington West Church       Rev. Bill Wishart
Trip to the Holy Land   7.30pm

   Oct 19      (Thursday)

              Autumn Rally                         Haddington West Church                Ken Reid - Cycle750                      Edinburgh to London                         the hardway)                                    7.30pm                                  

  June 7      (Thursday)           Joint Summer Rally            Haddington West Church 
Linda Kelly - Crossreach      7.30pm
    Dec 4      (Monday)             Carol Service                     Chalmers Memorial Church                      Port Seton                            Carols and Readings           Address from Rev. Erica Wishart                  Offering to                        Muirfield Riding Terapy      7.30pm        


All Guild Members are invited to attend and enjoy the wider fellowship.