Regal February & March Preview

REGAL – February 

Robert Burgon has previously spoken to us about the charitable work of the Worshipful Companies in the City of London.
It is wonderful to have Robert back with us after his year in London- the church organ sounds so much better. 
He has had the honour of being the Master of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. On Thursday, 14 February Robert has kindly agreed to tell us a few of the incredible experiences he has had as Master.
During his year Robert has had an insight into the inner workings of the City of London and it will be interesting for us to learn how this unique part of London operates.

The picture shows the City of London Freemen (men and women of the Worshipful Companies) exercise their right to take their sheep across London Bridge without being charged a toll. 
It is a great honour to be invited to become a Freeman of the City. As it is a sign of recognition of a lifetime of achievement in a particular field.

Regal – March

In the longer days of spring, our thoughts turn to sunnier days and holidays. Consequently it seems very appropriate that on Thursday, 14 March Ian Goodall should speak to us about his recent exotic European holiday. He has called his talk “Our Balkan Rail Experience”.

Ian and his wife, Sheila, travelled by train across Europe. Their furthermost easterly point was Istanbul. Thereafter, they returned to Scotland by way of Athens, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Venice; this included an overnight train from Sofia in Bulgaria.
Ian is a superb photographer and it will be a joy to see a few of the photographs he took during his trip – Ian took hundreds of photographs while on this holiday.
After the meeting we sit down to a soup and sandwich lunch prepared by the ladies of Abbey Church. Our meetings are open to all ladies and gentlemen of North Berwick and the surrounding villages. Please come, meet friends and enjoy good food and fellowship. 
Ian M Aitken