Door Duty & Readers

               Welcome to Abbey to hear God's word                                             


Duty Office Bearers


May 12th

Mr S Young
                 Mrs S Young                  Mrs S Kerr

Mrs Sadie Young


Mr G Penman
Mrs M Graham


Miss Kate Campbell


Mrs Y Strachan
Mrs C Aitken
Mr D McAdam

Mrs Yolanda Strachan

June 2nd

               Mr  R Bell                                       Mrs A Bell                                     Mrs S Burgon      

Ms Carol Stobie

9th Communion

 Mr J Lunn
Mr P Spencer
Miss I Smith

Mr John Lunn


Mr M Brodie
Mrs I Brodie
Mrs D Kirkpatrick

Mr John Evans

Notes for Office Bearers:
1. If you are unable to read or undertake duty and cannot find a replacement, please telephone the Office (892800) giving as much notice as possible.

2. It is helpful if at least one Office-Bearer stays in the vestibule for a few minutes after the start of the service to welcome latecomers and  help them find a seat if the church is particularly busy.


3. Readers are advised to adjust the microphone to their own height for maximum clarity.

4. Could Office-Bearers try to arrive ½ hour before service starts.

5. Please remember to check that the heaters above the doors are switched on and off.

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated!