A retired persons group called 'Regal' meets at 12.00noon in the Large Hall on the 2nd Thursday of each month from October to March and also has a summer outing in June of each year. 

The meetings are followed by a soup and sandwich lunch.

                                                      Regal Syllabus 2018/2019

11th October           The RAF Centenary - East Lothian at War                                                                                        Ian Aitken

8th November         Phillimore's Legacy to North Bewick                                                                                                  David McAdam

13th December       Christmas Ceilidh                                                                                                                             The MacNeills & Martin Wilson

10th January          New Year - Lost Resolutions                                                                                                             Bob Kane

14th February        Being Master of a Livery Company                                                                                                  Robert Burgon

14th March            Our Balkan Rail Experiences                                                                                                            Ian Goodall

June 13th             Summer Outing 


 Ian Aitken - Regal Chairperson

REGAL 2018/19

The 2018/19 session of Regal commences on the second Thursday of October at 12 noon in Abbey Church large hall.

As 2018 is the centenary of the RAF I felt it would be apt to make reference to the RAF and the impact of the Second World War on East Lothian. So on 11th October I am giving a talk on "The RAF Centenary and East Lothian at War"

In November David McAdam will remind us of past summers in North Berwick. David has a wonderful collection of Reginald Phillimore's postcards showing scenes of North Berwick, and the surrounding areas. Reginald was a teacher in Lancashire and was bequeathed the house at 7 Melbourne Place North Berwick. This house started his interest in postcards of North Berwick. David's talk is titled "Phillimore's legacy to North Berwick"

After the meetings we sit down to a soup and sandwich lunch prepared by the ladies of Abbey Church. Our meetings are open to all ladies and gentlemen of North Berwick and the surrounding villages. Please come along, meet friends and listen to an aspect of life that we know little about.

 I look forward to seeing you.
Ian M Aitken