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North Berwick

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Useful Links

Church of Scotland

The main Church of Scotland website

Life and Work

The monthly magazine of the Church of Scotland

Bethany Christian Trust

Helping homeless people in Edinburgh and area

Christian Aid

Working to combat global poverty

North Berwick Coastal Community Connections

Volunteer group which helps socially isolated adults connect into local networks, gatherings, new friendships and purposeful activity. The group runs a Scone Cafe in Abbey church hall at 2pm every Wednesday, and other wellbeing activities.

North Berwick Day Centre

Supporting elderly people in our community

Our Town - North Berwick

Find out more about our local community

The Scottish Seabird Centre

Award-winning visitor attraction and environmental centre


TryPraying is a resource for people who have no church connection or interest, but are open to finding out if God answers prayer. TryPraying invites people to begin talking to God and makes suggestions for how to start - the invitation is to try praying for 7 days and see what happens. A smartphone app and a booklet are available. Prayer is conversation with God. You don't need to use special words or a special voice. You can pray out loud or silently. God knows what you think and is aware of all you do. So, you can talk to him about anything. Try praying - it's easier than you think. Abbey Church has recently provided funding support to enable the TryPraying message to be displayed on East Coast Buses travelling in our area; this initiative was led locally by Ormiston Church and we have been pleased to support the campaign.


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