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Morning tea/coffee rota

2nd  June 2024 Susan Ainslie & A N Other
9th  Isabel Smith & Sadie Young
16th Katrina Hendry & Irene Nichol
23rd Fiona Gibson & A N Other
30th Mary Graham & Rose Leslie
7th July 2024 Anne Bell & A N Other
14th Bel Hardie & Linda McLean
21st Susan Ainslie & A N Other
28th Isabel Smith & Sadie Young
  • If you are unable to help on a particular date, please arrange a swap. The reserve should only be contacted if a swap is not possible.
  • Please plan to arrive by 10am in order to set up. The person named first on the list should bring milk.
  • On arrival switch on the urn (at the plug) in the main kitchen to ensure it has sufficiently heated for use by the end of the service, the flasks should then be filled from this.
  • Ensure there is an adequate supply of clean mugs ready to use; these should be set up in the new hall, along with biscuits, milk etc.
  • Please also set up a tray with a jug of juice, plastic cups and biscuits to leave in the kitchen for the Sunday School.
  • On departure, fill the dishwasher with all the dirty mugs and leave to run. If there are any dirty tea towels these should be washed and returned to the kitchen ASAP.
  • Remember to switch off urn and any other switches. 

Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated!

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